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Michigan State Tops Collegiate Division, Georgia FFA Wins Junior Division in 2015 KILE Judging Conte

Harrisburg, Pa. – Teams from across the eastern half of the United States gathered at the 59th Keystone International Livestock Exposition to test their animal evaluation skills in the Collegiate and Junior Livestock Judging Contest Saturday, October 3, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg.

Twelve collegiate teams, represented by 66 students, and 17 state 4-H and FFA teams, represented by 65 contestants, competed in the 2015 edition of the contest. They judged five beef cattle classes, three sheep classes and four swine classes.

The Michigan State University team won the collegiate contest. Team members are Bryant Chapman, Kate Spaans, Kevin Silverthorn, Katy Kesler, Chelsea Kronemeyer, Sydney Miller, and Emily Elmer.

The University of Missouri team was High Collegiate Team for Reasons. Members are Rachel Dotson, Miriam Martin, Ryan Looten, Blake McDonald, and Zech Moore.

Justin Teeter of North Carolina State University was high individual in the collegiate contest. Trevor Kirkpatrick of Ohio State University was high reasons individual.

Georgia FFA, represented by Connor Cleveland, Daniel Dobbs, Samantha Neal, and Logan Waldrop, won the junior division. Dobbs was high individual in the junior division. Maryland 4-H was second in the junior division, and represented by Allie Doody, Margo Sweeney, Lindsay Stine, and Brandon Troy. Both teams were also high reasons teams in the division.

Top five collegiate teams:
1. Michigan State, 4,542 points
2. Ohio State, 4,520 points
3. University of Missouri, 4,517 points
4. University of Florida, 4,501 points
5. North Carolina State, 4,490 points

Top five collegiate reasons teams:
1. University of Missouri, 1,825 points
2. Ohio State, 1,804 points
3. Michigan State, 1,803 points
4. University of Florida, 1,800 points
5. University of Tennessee, 1,763 points

Top five junior teams:
1. Georgia FFA, 2,440 points
2. Maryland 4-H, 2,400 points
3. Indiana 4-H, 2,385 points
4. Maryland FFA, 2,378 points
5. Georgia 4-H, 2,356 points

Top five junior reasons teams:
1. Georgia FFA, 548 points
2. Maryland 4-H, 541 points
3. Indiana FFA, 540 points
4. North Carolina, 538 points
5. Indiana 4-H, 531 points

Top ten collegiate overall individuals:
1. Justin Teeter, North Carolina State, 931 points
2. Shanna Hillman, University of Florida, 926 points
3. Blake McDonald, University of Missouri, 925 points
4. Trevor Kirkpatrick, Ohio State, 922 points
5. Bryant Chapman, Michigan State University, 922 points
6. Danielle Holstein, University of Florida, 916 points
7. Sydney Miller, Michigan State University, 915 points
8. Zech Moore, University of Missouri, 915 points
9. Zach Weaver, University of Georgia, 915 points
10. Claylee Chism, Mississippi State University, 912 points

Top ten collegiate reasons individuals:
1. Trevor Kirkpatrick, Ohio State, 376 points
2. Ryan Looten, University of Missouri, 373 points
3. Blake McDonald, University of Missouri, 372 points
4. Bryant Chapman, Michigan State, 371 points
5. Shanna Hillman, University of Florida, 370 points
6. Aaron Lones, Ohio State, 368 points
7. Melinda Perkins, University of Tennessee, 367 points
8. Sarah Flowers, University of Florida, 366 points
9. Kate Spaans, Michigan State, 365 points
10. Miriam Martin, University of Missouri, 365 points

Top ten junior overall individuals:
1. Trevor Rosso, Florida FFA, 194 points
2. Margo Sweeney, Maryland 4-H, 193 points
3. Daniel Dobbs, Georgia FFA, 193 points
4. Frank Burner, West Virginia 4-H, 190 points
5. Ty Wickline, West Virginia FFA, 186 points
6. Sarah Hunnicutt, Indiana FFA, 186 points
7. Taylor Conley, Pennsylvania FFA, 185 points
8. Jada Johnson, Indiana 4-H, 185 points
9. Travis Anderson, North Carolina FFA, 183 points
10. Luke LaHay, North Carolina 4-H, 182 points

Top ten junior reasons individuals:
1. Daniel Dobbs, Georgia FFA, 840 points
2. Trevor Rosso, Florida FFA, 833 points
3. Mark Chaney, Maryland FFA, 822 points
4. Frank Burner, West Virginia 4-H, 819 points
5. Margo Sweeney, Maryland 4-H, 815 points
6. Kaci Way, Ohio FFA, 813 points
7. Jada Johnson, Indiana 4-H, 811 points
8. Samantha Neal, Georgia FFA, 803 points
9. Allie Doody, Maryland 4-H, 800 points
10. Taylor Conley, Pennsylvania FFA, 799 points

The Keystone International Livestock Exposition is the largest livestock show on the East Coast, featuring 1,300 beef cattle, 750 horses, 1,100 sheep, 400 swine and 150 goats exhibited by nearly 1,300 producers from 25 states and Canada. The expo ran through October 4. For more information and a complete show schedule, visit


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